We develop and help clients implement compliance policies and procedures, including operating procedures, clinical protocols, and best practices. We assist clients seeking federal, state, and third-party licenses, certifications, and accreditation, and we conduct literature and evidence reviews.




Our comprehensive training program is designed to help our clients maintain high levels of ethics and professional responsibility and reduce the risk of waste, fraud, and abuse. We educate clients on assessing medical necessity, meeting standards of care, employing best practices, keeping thorough records, and utilizing appropriate coding and billing processes.




We conduct thorough compliance audits and reviews to ensure our clients’ practices and procedures are in compliance with government laws and regulations and payers’ policies in order to withstand government scrutiny,  and avoid whistleblower actions. We review clients’ records, facilitate software adaptation, develop improvement plans, and provide inspection protocols.




We counsel our clients facing enforcement actions by providing responsive communications, collecting documentation and evidence of compliance, analyzing medical necessity and standard of care, and offering expert opinions.